Latest DVD release: Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks and Frozen

Latest DVD releases: Disney’s Saving Mr Banks and Frozen

Although it may be quiet in the movie theater world, the DVD world is coming to life with Disney’s latest releases of Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks.


I remember going to see Saving Mr. Banks back in December; I had a lot of questions about the movie when I came out. With any true story movie, being about a movie in the 1960’s called Mary Poppins and the struggle between Walt Disney (Played by Tom Hanks.) and P.L. Travers (Played by Emma Thompson.)   You’re going to have a lot of questions. I fully liked the movie; it was a very entertaining movie that was not anything to do with shooting, superheroes, or action. Instead, it was a dialogue driven movie. This art is not something you find in a lot of movies. And an interesting fact: I have never in my life seen the movie Mary Poppins, but I didn’t need to see it to understand this movie. Instead, before watching Mary Poppins, better watch this movie first, its more of a crossover of a movie about the development stage of the original movie, and a special feature on the making of the movie.


Out of 10 stars on Saving Mr. Banks.




Another movie that has broken several records with it surpassing the 1-Billion dollar mark at the box office, making it the twelfth highest grossing movie of all time, and winning two Academy Awards, Frozen. I had a lot of anticipation when I saw this, and the patience of this movie paid off.  I originally was not going to see it because it didn’t look like it was worth paying $10.00 for. But now I realize, once again, never trust posters or trailers, they are extremely deceiving. With it out on DVD, and still running in theaters overseas, it looks like I was dead wrong on this animation musical. I’m excited to have seen for myself the magical movie about sisterly love, along with Ice, Olaf, and music. I was a bit concerned that it was not worth the wait, but again I was wrong. My only complaint is that the villain (No Spoilers.) didn’t translate enough. It was a person you like and then just suddenly turn evil, and that I didn’t like. But other than that, it was well worth the wait. It also had a level where it can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. I’m past of the kittie kids material, but I still enjoyed this because it was not kittie, it still was for kids, but maintained a level where us adults can understand it and laugh at it, and enjoy it, and be entertained ..


Out of 10 stars on Frozen




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