Short Film Review: The Last Stop

Last Stop (Starring Dhillon Ramdular andJose Cartagena)
Last Stop (Starring Dhillon Ramdular and Jose Cartagena)

It’s that time again! Where I review the latest in Hollywood news! The newly released short film, The Last Stop.


Directed and written by Dylan Totilo, it is a story about a man who comes to the bus stop, and runs into a hobo at the stop. There it is revealed the man is a drug user, and how the hobo tells him stories on how it ruins lives.


Now since this is a short film, I can’t go into further detail since it would spoil the entire thing. But I was surprised by how well this short film was done. It’s a story about two men who don’t know each other yet have the same problem.


Many like don’t realize how many struggle with problems in life. Some think there alone in the world, and that no one has the same problems, but when a complete stranger life is ruined by the same problem it changes your life.


The ending to this film (Which I wont spoil.) gave me a sad feeling, yet gave me a sense of hope that you still can make a difference in life, even in a short period of time.


The rating I would give this short film is about 9/10. It was extremely well done. It was able to tell a powerful story in under six minutes, and that is what many big budgeted movies lack these days.


The short film was produced by Dylan Totilo Films and Barely Focused Productions.


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