Coming Next Week: TV Networks Upfront Meetings

Make sure to find out when your favorite shows get there fate answered, right here on the Hollywood Star!

One of the scariest things for TV fans is the end of a long frustrating season for there favorite TV shows, and the meetings networks have to determine whether there show lives on till the 2014-2015 season or do they get cancelled and leave a lot of weeping fans devastated .


That’s right, the Network Upfront meetings are soon to take place next week and fans will get to find out whether there favorite show will survive or die.


According to, the dates for all the network meetings are as followed:


Monday; May 12 2014, TV networks FOX and NBC will host there upfront meetings and will announce the schedule for the 2014-2015 later in the day.


Tuesday; May 13 2014, ABC and Univision will host there upfront meetings and will announce there schedules for 2014-2015 season. One of the biggest shows on the bubble that has many bite there fingernails is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course many are certain that it will be renewed, ABC has yet to announce it though. I’m still mixed on whether it will be renewed or cancelled, but the odds are that it will be.


Wednesday; May 14 2014, the biggest and highest viewed TV network CBS will be hosting there upfront meetings and soon to be announcing there 2014-2015 schedule. Of course they are already starting renewals and cancellations before the meeting, but we should have the full rundown on Wednesday.


Thursday; May 15 2014, finally the CW will host there upfront meetings and announce there schedule for 2014-2015. Of course, they have already decided on most of there TV shows, but keep in mind there is still some that have yet to have there fate decided.


There was a lot of new shows that came to life this year, but a lot of them may not survive to see TV screens next year. It looks like the surviving members will as always been veteran shows like NCIS, The Voice, NCIS: LA, About a Boy, Arrow, and many more.


Make sure to tune in here, as I bring you all the updates on the TV Upfront meetings.


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