Coincidence or Pattern? Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are just now getting there sequels ready?

For the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to piece together a pattern that is taking place right before my eyes. A lot of my favorite titles have announced sequels, but then shelf them and we don’t hear about it.


And now, those titles are now coming to light here in 2014. Some of them are listed below.


Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb: for many years, I wanted to see a sequel for this title. The last I heard about it was that they were in the “Idea’s stage” in 2010, and they never said anything more. And now, they not only completed the script, but there also filming the movie right now and are releasing it December 19, 2014. Coincidence?


National Treasure 3: This is yet again, another title I have spent years waiting for. Since 2008, I’ve always wanted to see a sequel. There were always years they said it would come out, like 2013 and 2014, but so far nothing. And now, Jerry Bruckheimer has said they have finished first act of the script that has everyone ready for action! And that within the next one to two years, they’ll be shooting the movie. Another weird coincidence?


Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales: This is one that has me feeling the impatience of it all. I’ve been a Pirate fan for quite a while, and when they said it was moved from 2015 to 2016 I lost a lot of confidence, it added when Disney said that they have not greenlit the project yet. But now, Jerry Bruckheimer has said that there hard at work on it now and that shooting will begin December 14, 2014. Not really a coincidence, but something that I found interesting.


Pixar’s Cars 3: This is one I most definitely want to see, after they screwed up majorly in Cars 2. This is one Pixar has kept the lid on for almost three years. But now, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced a few months ago that Cars 3 is in the works right now. Another weird coincidence?


Puss in Boots 2: Ever since the movie Puss in Boots came out in 2011, it was always just a matter of time before they did a sequel. But after only one interview with the director, saying that they want to take Puss to “Exotic places”. And now, Antonio Banderas has said that he began work on the sequel back in April of 2014. Meaning that they’ll probably release in another couple of years.


And now, you must decide for yourself on this one. Coincidence or Pattern?


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