Coming This Week: The Expendables 3

The Expendables 3 is set to be released August 15, 2014!

Opening this week is another name that fans have come to expect from the famous Rocky actor, that being his Expendables 3.


Produced by Lionsgate, its office plot synopsis read:

The mercenary group, the Expendables, led by Barney Ross, leads a mission to rescue a former Expendable, Doctor Death, from a heavily guarded military convoy. Later on, the team is then assigned to take down a warlord, in which they come face to face with the team’s co-founder Conrad Stonebanks. In the past, Ross was forced to kill Stonebanks after he became a ruthless arms trader, but Stonebanks survived and has now made it his mission to destroy the Expendables. After one of the team’s members is seriously wounded, Ross disbands his old team and resorts to recruiting a new and younger generation of Expendables with the help of Bonaparte to help the team overcome his old adversary. However, at one point the mission becomes a failure, in which the older and the younger generations now have to put their rivalry behind them and work together to overcome Stonebanks and his ruthless army.


This was a film that is on my ignore list since I’m not a fan of The Expendables, nor am I impressed with the first two. But I’m sure this film will please many fans that are a fan of the first two.


The Expendables 3 is set to be released August 15, 2014.


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