Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Last week, a new animated film opened up that surprised many with the lovable balloon man, that being Big Hero 6.


Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, it tells a story about a genius 14 year old  who loses his brother, and joins a team of nerds as they up rise to take down the man with the microbots.


There was many things that was going for this film, and I will tell you that it was loads of fun. The con of this was that the production team didn’t give Marvel the credit it deserved (Like it’s logo on its own property).


The voice cast was very impressive, and the characters were pretty awesome. My only problem was that most of the Big Hero 6 were underdeveloped the whole movie. The movie at times also felt rushed, but it is understandable seeing how it is a children’s movie. My only regret was that they didn’t explore the cooler characters like GoGo and Hiro.


The story is interesting, and somehow finds a bridge between what Disney does and what Marvel does.


The rating I would give this movie is about 4 out of 5 stars. It’s story was good, it’s cast was great, it’s visuals and other cool stuff was spot on, and Baymax is adorable.


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